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Accessories to use with your GruvGear premium rucksacks and gig bags for guitar and bass.  

GruvGear is renown for its inventive and rugged products, designed with touring and gigging musicians in mind in every detail.  GruvGear products are stuffed with unique features for the ultimate in practicality and versatility when you're travelling.  Whether it's that extra little pocket for your ear buds, sturdy wheels for transporting heavy gear, or heavy-duty zipper to keep your equipment safe and secure, GruvGear products never disappoint.  

Throw your most valuable instruments, accessories and possessions onto a plane, a bus, a tram, subway or taxi, or sling your guitar case on your back to even take it on a bike.  The quality fittings will keep your gear fully protected while the comfortable padded straps are strong enough to load and unload safely.  

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