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Drum Cases

Hauling an entire drum kit in one trip is now a reality with the new VELOC transport system from the innovative and creative designers at Gruv Gear.  The complete travel-ready hybrid bags come in the most common snare drum, kick drum and tom sizes, plus a double bass pedal bag, cymbal bag, QUIVR drum stick pouch and large hardware bag. 

Every one of these quality drum cases connects to the ingenious magnetic-mount VELOC drum transport rail cart for one epic load-out!

Gruv Gear is renown for its inventive and rugged products, designed with touring and gigging musicians in mind in every detail.  Whether it's that extra little pocket for your ear buds, sturdy wheels for transporting heavy gear, or heavy-duty zipper to keep your equipment safe and secure, Gruv Gear products never disappoint.  

Gruv Gear VELOC drum cases are available in a set of 4 drum cases with additional items sold separately.  

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