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Carry Smarter. Draw Quicker. Groove Better.


Meet QUIVR, the clever drum stick bag that tethers to your Club or Stadium Bag to create a flip-out, free-standing holster for 12 of your favorite sticks. The left panel features simple yet ingenious “quick draw” pockets that pop out up to 3 pairs for speedy access, while the right panel keeps a drum key within reach and a larger drop-in pocket to accommodate mallets, brushes, bundle sticks and more.


QUIVR also folds into a sleek standalone bag that can be worn cross-sling or over the shoulder, measuring a compact 17” x 4.5” x 1.5” fully loaded. Comes with both a shoulder strap and an adjustable tether to attach the QUIVR to floor toms.


"It’s the most practical and functional stick bag I’ve ever seen.  The QUIVR is compact, practical and super handy.  Nailed it."  Nicholas Simonsen, 


Gruv Gear QUIVR Drum Stick Bag

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