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The professional string dampener used by thousands of guitarists and bassists worldwide is now available in the original official Matthew Kiichi Heafy (MKH) Signature model!  Enjoy the same simple and effective muting capabilities of FretWraps that Matt rocks live on stage and in the studio with his band Trivium. 


Matt Heafy Signature FretWraps come in 1-packs of the following sizes:

SM - Fits 6-string guitars or 4-string basses
MD - Fits 7-string guitars or 5-string basses
LG - Fits 8-string guitars or 6-string basses


Officially licensed by Matt Kiichi Heafy, guitarist and lead singer of metal band Trivium.


Click here for the new MKH Empire Edition Signature FretWrap.

Matt Heafy Signature FretWrap Large

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