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Your Ultimate Travel Bass Bag.  Room for Two!


The Kapsule Duo offers travel-ready protection for 2 guitars or basses, with its unique polycarbonate/ABS shell coupled with comfortable yet rugged fabrics. It can be worn backpack-style or conveniently rolled using the included snap-on wheels.  The Kapsule Duo is a sleek, wearable, rollable, and tech-loaded "all-in-one" musician's luggage!



Gruv Gear Kapsule Duo Bass Case

  • Save Your Back With Wheels  -  The snap-on wheels will make longer walks a breeze, and attaches in seconds without any tools.

    Prevent Headstock Damage  -  The Kapsule's unique Iso Chamber minimizes the risk of headstock damage by keeping it suspended and isolated.

    1 Year Free Peace Of Mind  -  Using the anonymous tag number instead of a traditional luggage tag will also help protect your identity while you travel.

    Find Your Kapsule By Voice  -  Add the voice-controlled Bluetooth Tracker (via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple's Siri) to your Kapsule for added security!  Complete with an iOS or Android app, the tracker will not only help you find your Kapsule, but also lets you see its last location if it's out of range.

    Fight Humidity Damage  -  Gruv Gear teamed up with Boveda to include two-way humidity control, a must-have for any guitar or bass.  Place the humidity packs in the built-in pockets to maintain the optimal level of humidity for your instrument. Your Kapsule will come pre-packaged with a FREE Boveda humidity pack and pouch.

    Lock Down Your Guitar  -  Your Kapsule Duo comes with an industry-standard TSA lock to secure your instrument.  Set your 3-digit code and only authorized airport security will be able to open your bag.


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