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Gig Bags for Musicians

We are proud to stock the full range of GruvGear guitar gig bags, bass gig bags, hard cases and specialist hybrid cases.  GruvGear's ingenious products have all been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, keeping in mind the specific needs of travellers, touring musicians and everyday gigs.  

Packed with original features and unique properties, GruvGear bags are both practical and stylish.  The clean, modern lines will complement all your instruments and equipment, and each bag features individual style details that make them the most versatile and best guitar cases and bass cases on the market.  


GruvGear bags don't only offer the ultimate in protection for your instrument, they are also supremely comfortable with padded straps manufactured with a an emphasis on practicality and ease of use.  

In addition to cases for guitars and basses, we also offer the VELOC drum transportation system.  If you have ever struggled with loading up your drum kit, then GruvGear have the answer to your dreams.

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